jueves, 13 de junio de 2013

Entry #9 My CONCLUSION PARAGRAPH corresponding to the essay analysed in class.

          Although researchers affirm that distracted driving become a threat on the roads of the Nation, Americans ignore that research. Through articles, videos and interactive features  the risks of talking and texting behind the wheel are shown daily but nobody begins to take the problem seriously. "We make no attempt to gather data on the problem", affirm police in almost half of all the States. "The Federal Government warns against talking on a cellphone while driving, but no State Legislatures have banned it", says Ray LaHood of the Department of Transportation. It is time for the country to become law the restriction of using cell phones in moving vehicles.

Matt Richel (2013). Driven to distraction
. [ONLINE] Retrieved from: [Last Accessed 13 June 2013].

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