jueves, 30 de mayo de 2013

Entry # 8: Immigration (Peer assessment)


       Immigration is a term to refer to the act of moving from one country to another for the purpose of permanent residence. People who live under this condition, is called "Immigrants" until their citizenship is confirmed. Immigration takes place due to a number or reasons, wars, security, marriage, religious freedom, employing opportunities, a better education or simply a better and happier way of living. In the past, world witnessed the immigration of people who escaped from dangerous countries in order to be safe or because they were persecuted. As another example, employment, is the usual reason for immigration nowadays, new job opportunities are in foreign places, so people have to leave their country of origin. Clearly, there are plausible reasons to migrate, good jobs, better education, safer ways of leaving that make people to take the decision of leaving their country. Immigration is an endless movement around the world, and the word "Immigrant" becomes more common among the inhabitants of a country, they are seen as people who found a new chance. 

Licciardi, Magali Rocio.
Tovagliari, Maria Florencia.

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  1. Who are you going to work with? Remember the PEER FEEDBACK should be in the COMMENTS section and it should guide you to improve your own paragraph.

    stella :-)

    1. Stella, Magali wrote her comments yesterday.

      See you :D

  2. From my point of view the topic sentence and the body is definitely clear, I do not think it would be necessary to correct something.