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Analysing an ad: "Devil Clio"

As regards things that I have bought recently, nothing influences on me when I go  shopping or to the market. I attempt not to buy expensive clothes and brand loyalty is not my case. Personally I reckon durability depends on the buyer and product guarantee as well, so I am not influenced by ads. However this advertisement caught my attention, it is very creative and humorous.
The product is a car, a new one called “Devil Clio” which belongs to the famous brand "Renault"; this advertisement had been done in 2006 in order to promote this auto mobile with a new and renovated design.

The ad catches the attention of the viewer with an amazing landscape at the cliff edge, a violent and quickly scene shows a risky route and two huge lorries in a hurry coming near a tiny car. The ad accounts with a good sense of humour, a funny dialogue between a young man, who is not afraid of the situation and shows himself confident, and a shadowy devil. In a way the ad can be considered sexist since is targeted to men as if only could men drive. It is relevant to say that advantages or disadvantages of the product are not specified, it is only focused on dialogue between a man and the devil. 

The ad wants to promote a vehicle faster and cooler than others; it is just a short story that leaves a moral. The message is based on temptation, money, women and all that any mortal man would want, but all temptations are avoided because in fact it is more important being confident and sure about our desire . If you are confident, you will achieve whatever you want.
To sum up, I like the ad, it is original. I love cars´ advertisements.  

Renault (2006). Clio diablo. [ONLINE] Available at: [Last Accessed 29th September]. 

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